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  • Read Page 1 ... interviewed us. Either you went with the Chief pilot to do the technical interview or stayed with HR. HR questions were typical HR interview questions. Chief pilot reviewed my logbook, asked what type of flying I had been doing and what I am interested in pursuing in the...

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    Jul 17, 2024
    Since I'm local to the area I was called in for an in-person interview at their Denver HQ. Upon arriving I was met by Hillary who gave me a tour of the facilities before leading me to a conference room. She told me the Chief Pilot was in a meeting that was running late so we chatted for about ten minutes before the CP joined us. Right off the bat everyone was very friendly and accommodating, they take pride in being open and honest and treating everyone like family. We started with the HR...

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    Jul 03, 2024
    Everything was smooth, not so much as a grill session, but was more like a get to know you better type of interview. Pete was very friendly and condescending with the questions. Overall a great...

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    Jun 25, 2024
    Interview was with Peter and Hilary. HR with Hilary was half and hour similar questions as in the gauge. Peter was nice asked technical questions about most recent aircraft flown. Overall its a non pressure interview. Hoping to get hired but was told there are allot of people getting interviewed due to the industry many pilot with more hours looking for...

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    Jun 24, 2024
    I did my interview through zoom, I was received by Pete de Chief. Interview was straight forward, as a couple of questions about weather checkride failures multi engine operations and a quick brief on what to expect on the job. I did fail some question but honesty is the best policy, if you don’t know something be honest and admit it. IFR IAP questions were also asked. But nothing out of the...

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    Jun 14, 2024
    Interviewed with the Chief and HR. Very friendly, intelligent and knowledgeable as I’ve found everyone I’ve interacted with at MAC to be. Standard HR questions, basic aircraft systems and instrument questions. Much more of a get to know you sort of interview than a grill session. Got good tips on career progression and things to study, and the feeling that MAC wants to develop pilots and not just hire...

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    Jun 12, 2024
    Online interview (MS Teams) with Hilary and Chief Pilot. Laid back get to know you type conversation for the first 20-25 minutes. Standard tell us about yourself, why Mountain Air Cargo, synopsis of flying career, strengths and weaknesses etc. Hilary is very nice and down to earth. After the HR portion with Hilary, spent the next 2 & 1/2 hours with the Chief Pilot. I was asked 9-10 questions about IFR flying, airplane systems, CRM/TEM, airport you are en route to closes, etc. The...

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    May 14, 2024
    Started on time. Had Hillary and the Chief pilot. Hilary questions were tell me about your resume background and experience. Check ride failures training failures. TMAAT. Next was the Chief Pilot so know your airplane sys - all of them. I was asked about multiple sys like electrical hydraulic anti skid Max ITT for start and emergency items like engine fire in flight what’s a MSA MEL ILS range just because you don’t see it and n here doesn’t mean they won’t ask so know...

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    May 13, 2024
    Interview was an hour long. With Hilary from HR who I had met before at an event, and the Chief Pilot Pete. It was very relaxed and friendly, we chatted quite a bit and they answered about as many questions as they asked me. HR asked about my intro how I got into aviation. Asked about checkride failures and that standard stuff. And only one TMAAT about delivering exceptional customer service. That’s it for HR. Chief Pilot asked what makes a great Captain, and asked about my strengths...

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    May 09, 2024
    Started on time, went over some HR questions with really nice lady Hillary, then went into technical questions lastly some IFR. Know your current flying...

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    May 07, 2024
    My hour long scheduled interview turned into just over 3.5, had a great conversation with Chief. Interview is identical to shown here- HR first for 20 mins and the rest with Chief. know formula for Hydroplaning, and VDP, and 60:1 rule. IFR regs including 91.175, 185 and 213 were reviewed with me. review your current aircraft. Electrical and Powerplant. Chief mentioned "If I've gone over with you, its typically a good thing". I had a contact which helped. they only take a couple for...

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