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There were three of us that interviewed that day, one CFII, one marine prowler pilot, and me (navy helo sh-60b pilot). The day started at 0830 with a company presentation. Then we did the CRM portion first. I was the PIC because I had the most time, the CFII was the SIC, and the marine was in the jump seat. The scenario was about a passenger who kept on getting up while we were taxiing out of the gate. They wanted to see team work, communication, and using all available resources. I was the PIC so I was expected to take charge and so there was more demanded of me. So if you have a bunch of hours, expect to be the PIC in the CRM scenario. The remaining were the HR and technical portions. My HR portion didn't start until after... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Dec 14, 2022 As everyone has said it was a very laid back interview. Started with him talking about who he is and how he got into aviation and then the same with me. We quickly went over paperwork but that was <5 minutes because everything was submitted online beforehand. About 20-30 before the interview he sent 3 pictures, a jepp plate, low enroute chart of DEN, and taxiway signs so I was able to get an idea of what the scenarios may be No "gotcha" questions everything went pretty much as... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Jun 28, 2022 Study the gouge! If you can answer all the questions without having to look back for the answer then you will sail through it. It started with "getting to know you" followed by simple HR questions, then to technical. Nothing that was asked wasn't something that I had already gone over 9... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Jun 23, 2022 Very similar to the study gouge, many instrument questions. lasted about 1:30. Very relaxed friendly interview. The CRM question was a SE failure, I was the captain he was acting FO. Wanted to hear the entire communications process as far as external and internal types of conversations. Keeping the pax calm was a key note as... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Jun 23, 2022 The Interview was as described in the gouge. Nothing more, nothing less. The interviewer was very kind and knowleagable. No surprises in questions asked. Have the items you sent in available as they have to obtain certain data from them (logbook, total hours/PIC/ME/etc), passport number, RO license, First class Medical. Don't be afraid to be honest about yourself and don't hide it if you made mistakes and learned from... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. May 25, 2022 My interview was almost like any other interview described here in the gouge. It was online, joined 15 minutes early, my interviewer was 15 minutes late but I was able to make a joke out it which made him laugh and it broke the ice very well. From there he takes about his time in the airline, what he does outside of work, his family, hobbies, etc. He then asked me about my self, pretty standard, also asked about a time there was conflict in my professional life (he wasn’t necessarily... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. The interview was just as other have reported regarding format. In addition to using the gouge I used referenced the recommended reading list that they send out to the cadets.  Be a content expert for a... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Interview day was long. Started 8:30 am and lasted till 2pm, probably because they were busy with 30 cadet students were there and trying to organize the day between us. Start with orientation about 1 hour about the company history while some HR captain takes your logbook and all documents you have to look at. They said just resume but I have included all the certificates from college, awards, ground school certificates. Doesn't hurt. After orientation we start the technical portion. The... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. I did my interview off-sight. The first hour we spent going over the company presentation. If you're a cadet, this will sound familiar. After that they spilt up some of the candidates for technical and HR questions. I did technical first which lasted approximately 30 minutes. They're very friendly and wants to see you succeed. Expect to brief a Jepp STAR or Approach plate, I had to brief both. They're huge on electrical systems, so definitely know the electrical system on the aircraft you... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Being a cadet, the interview was brief and straight forward. 4 of us were interviewed by 2 interviewers one at a time. They combined my HR and CRM portions into 1 which was convenient. The interviewer said I was the captain on a plane and the FA radioed saying someone says they have a bomb on board. He was just looking for what I would do in the situation. We then broke for lunch. After lunch we had the Technical subject interview. Most of the interview was just symbology from the Jeppesen... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Conducted by 1 CA and 2 FOs at FSI Denver. 4 interviewees - 1 air force (C-21s and U-28s), 1 navy (F/A-18 background but in a non-flying job currently), 2 CFIs in the SkyWest cadet program. Started with a presentation on the company while they looked at our logbooks and paperwork. Then 1-on-1 HR and technical--no CRM portion. Gouge on this site was crucial...turbofan engines, mach tuck, swept wings, coffin corner, weather systems, etc...studied all that the day prior for a refresher on... Continue reading this interview experience

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