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9 Scholarships were awarded totaling $15,000! The endowment fund is now worth $120,000 and will continue to give away scholarships year after year.

2018 Scholarship Winners

(L-R) Mario Del Boccio, Dristin Rose, Karlie Emery, Emily Bennett, Mike, Tucker Shepherd, Abby Lee, Andrew DeZanek, Brody Wilson

Tucker Shepherd received a $4,000 scholarship

(From Tucker Shepherd):

It has been a great honor to win the Aviationinterviews.com Aviation Scholarship not once, but twice! You, your family, and the members of Aviationinterviews.com have now helped me at the start of my education and now as it is nearing its end. During my interviews with you I have learned a lot about not only the industry but the act of paying it forward. I intend to help others in the ways that you have helped me. Thank you for helping myself and countless others achieve their goals.

Tucker Shepherd

Brody Wilson received a $3,000 scholarship

(Email from Brody Wilson):

I am incredibly grateful to have been selected as a recipient of the 2018 Aviationinterviews.com Aviation Scholarship. The selfless donations from yourself, your family and the incredible members of Aviationinterviews.com have done so much to assist countless aspiring aviation professionals, like myself. I know you have inspired my peers and me to look out for others and practice the act of "Paying It Forward" in our lives. These numerous scholarships that have been awarded truly help to let students focus on what is most important, and that is academics.

I want to say thank you again to yourself and all those who have helped to make this awesome opportunity possible.

Brody Wilson

Dristin Rose received a $2,000 scholarship

(Email from Dristin Rose):

This scholarship will support a student that has been aspiring to be a pilot since I was 12 years of age. Financially I would not be able to make ends meet if it weren't for the generosity of AviationInterviews.com and others that are willing to give the next generation of aviation professionals the assistance that they need.

I truly appreciate the assistance you and the users of the website have provided.

Dristin Rose

Abby Lee received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Abby Lee):

I'd like to express great gratitude for awarding me one of the 2018 AviationInterviews.com Scholarships. This scholarship has not only helped myself, but others in financing their collegiate career. Pursuing flight is something I've wanted to do ever since I was a child, and with that comes flight courses and their expenses. The opportunity your website has given to students who struggle to pay for college is above and beyond, and for that I am truly grateful. 'Paying it Forward' is a quote I hold dear to my heart, and you and your family have done just that. I too in the future hope to start a scholarship program to help support future aviators.

Thank you again,
Abby Lee

Andrew DeZanek received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Andrew DeZanek):

I want to thank you, your family, and all that support the AviationInterviews.com scholarship for choosing me as a 2018 recipient. This award has helped support many of my fellow peers to financially continue through the flight program. Your generosity and dedication to our success has impacted all of us through "paying it forward".

I am extremely grateful and thank you again for making this opportunity possible.

Andrew DeZanek

Emily Bennett received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Emily Bennett):

I am very grateful and appreciative that you selected me as one of the recipients of the AviationInterviews.com Scholarship. Your generosity and "pay it forward" attitude are characteristics that are definitive of the person you are and what you stand for. In the future, I foresee myself getting great use out of your website - something that has been built by you and all the members of AviationInterviews.com. Once again, thank you very much for giving back to the next generation of aviation students.

Emily Bennett

Karlie Emery received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Karlie Emery):

I cannot put into words how I honored I am to have received one of the 2018 AviationInterviews.com Aviation Scholarships. It being my very first scholarship, I am deeply appreciative of your support. This will benefit me in furthering my studies in this amazing industry. The unique part about this scholarship is the opportunity to undergo the interview process. I am immensely grateful to have a glimpse of the experience. It is a process that will be underwent numerous times in the future for my peers and I.

I want to thank you, your family, and the members of AviationInterviews.com that have been able to provide students aid toward their studies. Especially when you have been able to come out year after year to give scholarships to students here at SIU. It is truly amazing to have such support here at SIU, I am proud to be a student here at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I strive to be able to "Pay it Forward" someday just like you and many others do.

I only hope to stay in touch with you and your family.

Thank you so much again,
Karlie Emery

Mario Del Boccio received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Mario Del Boccio):
Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for selecting me as a recipient for the 2018 Aviationinterviews.com scholarship. It means a lot to that you're willing to consistently give back and "pay it forward" to aviation students in our program. As you are well aware, the various flight fees have risen over the years and it is quite a financial burden to complete flight training. Your scholarship has helped alleviate those costs and goes a long way in motivating me and other students to continue our hard work in becoming career pilots. As I finish up my instructor training at SIU, I will never forget the help I've received along the way from individuals like yourself and I hope to be able to replicate the same impact you've had on me and countless others students. I want to thank you, your family, and all other members involved with the website for the priceless work you have done to give back to the aviation community!

Thank You,
Mario Del Boccio

Jayson Chappell received a $1,000 scholarship

(Email from Jayson Chappell):
Dear Mike and the AviationInterviews.com team,

I would like to thank you for the $1,000 scholarship that I have been awarded! I am very honored to be a 2018 scholarship recipient, and am truly thankful for this opportunity.

Being an SIU extended-campus student at CCBC (Pennsylvania), I would also like to thank you for allowing me to conduct my interview over the phone. I really enjoyed discussing the topic of aviation with you, it is one thing I have always loved to discuss with fellow aviators!

This scholarship you have awarded me will help pay for the expenses of my commercial and flight instructor certificates. I am looking forward to earning my flight instructor certificate so I can build great experience by teaching students in the same CCBC and SIU program that I graduated from!

Once again, thank you for this opportunity, I hope one day I can "pay it forward" and be able to give back to a young student in aviation and help them in the ways that you and your team have helped me.

Jayson W. Chappell

2017 Scholarship Winners