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This was kind of a long shot application. I happened to run across a posting asking if anyone knew about ATI and looked up the compnay's website. Sent my resume and ATI overnited an application to me.

I had to non rev to Dayton for the interview and ATI provided the hotel. The training center is not on the airport but near Dayton.

Everyone was excited to have us there. We were the first "new hires" in almost 7 years.

The invterview was very laid back and very professional. Started off with a company overview, benefits, pay, etc. After the company presentataion there was a quick 20 question test. Basic instrument stuff. The questions were not canned questions from any books I have read but wrather simple questions like what is the effect on TAS as temperature changes, you are at 400' on the VOR approach and... Continue Reading this Interview Experience