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Read Page 1 ... next system!" I even screwed up the MDA/DH stuff when seeing an approach plate (Reno 16R, and a Salt Lake City Departure), but he pulled my 91 description down and pointed at the answer I wrote previously. Questions: (He asked very little since I already said a lot on the systems) Engine questions,   Electrical: No questions, I described how battery flow went, what it was rated at with the Volts and Amps, What are they? How the APU powered the system, then how the generators powered the system after engine start. I told him what TRU's are, Blocking Diodes, Buses, (and what they do), I even told him what buses powered what components, not heavily detailed just 2 or 3 per bus. What does an inverter do? JEPPs: Brief the approach. Reno 16R/L, Salt Lake city departure, Lost Comms, different squak codes. Runway Identifiers signs (where I struggled a little). Hold short lines, ILS hold short.   This lasted longer because he saw I was struggling, but made the cut. So we moved on. CRM: Just work as a team, no right or wrong answer. I sat in jump seat and tried to... Continue Reading this Interview Experience