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A fantastic interview experience! I have never felt more comfortable or welcomed while interviewing for a job. The entire staff as well as the new hire class training at the time were extremely friendly. Everyone stops to say hello and I mean everyone from the newest mechanic to the DO. Interview was very laid back and the management is very upfront about the company and where it is going. They let you read the contract while you are there and answer every question they can. If they dont know the answer, they say they dont know but will try to find out before you leave.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 10, 2022 Interview was as described here. Glad I read the gouge and studied Jepp charts. I've been using NOS charts for years so if I hadn't spent a couple hours going over the Jepp stuff I would have missed half the technical questions. Got an email the following day with... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 03, 2022 Interview was broken into two sections HR and table top technical questions. I was interviewed by 4 Pilots 3 of them had retired from flying and one was an active pilot at ATI. They were very welcoming and the discussion felt like hanging out at an FBO talking to several experienced pilots. If you get to the interview they want to hire you. Everything on the gauge are the questions they ask you. There were no surprises. It seems like a great company to work for very professional yet at... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 01, 2022 Study what's here and you'll do fine. Two separate interviews with mostly the same personnel. The HR portion was down, dirty, and fast at just under 45 minutes. I had my own answers for the questions instead of the canned responses and a point was made that they 1) noticed and 2) appreciated it. They are looking to hire GENUINE pilots who are the type you'd like to spend a trip with. On the technical side exactly what everyone here said for reading plates from taxi to approach. I'm... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Oct 25, 2022 Very kind, if you are prepared for your CV with what you describe here, you have guaranteed success, the HR questions and the techniques were the ones here, the interviewers were very friendly and professional, be yourself and show your knowledge, they are looking for friendly people and not conflicting Very good reference to prepare, everything was just as described, thank you very much... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Oct 18, 2022 The interview was broken up into two parts. Both were virtual on Microsoft Teams. First one was the HR. Typical hr questions like why ATI, what do you know about ATI , WWYD, TMAAT. The questions asked were the same ones on the study guide verbatim. Very pleasant interview. The second part is a “Table top” exercise. They have you conduct a typical flight by briefing your way from start to finish. (Picking up your ifr clearance all the way through taxing after landing) along the... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Oct 10, 2022 My interview was pretty straight forward, it took 1 day to find out that I was hired. The interview was set up in 2 parts, one table top briefing and one with RRHH , they ask you an approach plate a SID AND A taxi clearance since gate till take off. Regular questions on part 121 filing an alternate and localizer questions, distance and frequencies. Examples about how much fuel in time will you required to go to your alternate. Weather mínimums on your alternate. They just want to get... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 06, 2022 Very straight forward for both the HR and tabletop portions of the interview. Interviewers were great and really want to get to know you and your background. Most recent gouges are spot on with my experience. Interviewed and got the email the next... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 04, 2022 The interview was great! Tech questions were IFR CVG to ATL ( study your Jepp plates and refresh on chart symbols). We went over the weather, they wanted me to read out loud, and he gave clearance; I copied and read back. My Scenario was that we arrived at the destination, but the weather got below mins, and ATC instructed us to hold for an hour. The question was; can you hold for an hour? Yes. The answer was on the dispatch sheet, add the extra... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Sep 27, 2022 I originally (accidently) applied for a pilot recruiter position. I got called about interviewing for that position and told them that was by accident and I meant to apply to the FO position. I believe it was Holly. She said no problem - reapply and we'll call you. I reapplied and they scheduled me for a zoom interview the next week. The zoom interview was pretty relaxed. Two retired pilots from ATI went through a tabletop scenario. Taking off out of OHIO, flying a SID and STAR to Atlanta.... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Sep 27, 2022 1. Technical part around 30 min. [Taxi, SID, STAR] 2. HR [ All the same questions as on the... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Excellent tool in order to help aviators pass their interviews ! Totally recommended

    Oct 30, 2022