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A fantastic interview experience! I have never felt more comfortable or welcomed while interviewing for a job. The entire staff as well as the new hire class training at the time were extremely friendly. Everyone stops to say hello and I mean everyone from the newest mechanic to the DO. Interview was very laid back and the management is very upfront about the company and where it is going. They let you read the contract while you are there and answer every question they can. If they dont know the answer, they say they dont know but will try to find out before you leave.... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Apr 08, 2021 Overall the experience was great! Every person I met during the experience was easy to get along with. As described by everyone else. They are looking at personality. Just be comfortable and be yourself. I feel everything went well during the interview, but the panel. I noticed a few times when during a question we would get side tracked, and it made it hard to fully answer a few of the questions. I also wasn’t super happy with my performance during the scenario they gave me.... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Apr 08, 2021 Arrived early, around 0720 for a 0800 show with 3 other candidates. There were 7 of us total for that interview day. We received our visitor passes and were then brought to a conference room. Everyone was super friendly and we all chatted to get to know each other. At 0800 the Director of Flight Operations came in and gave us a briefing on the company. This lasted about 45 minutes or so. We were then broken down into groups of 2 for the different phases, fingerprints, HR, and Sim. The HR... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Apr 01, 2021 I had an interview class of 7 individuals from all walks of life. Regionals, 135 cargo, military fighter pilots, etc. This was hands down the most relaxed and enjoyable interview I have ever had. I found myself answering their questions honestly and transparently instead of canned responses I thought they would want to hear. It was refreshing to merely be yourself and be accepted for it during an interview instead of your façade. They paired us together and had us rotate through... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Mar 25, 2021 Day went just as expected. Met in conference room for presentation, then split up for finger prints, sim and panel. Panel was very laid back as anticipated. Basic questions, (view the study guide and Sim/Scenario section of this website).  It was a fun day and like others have said, I felt very welcomed and can see why everyone speaks so highly of the culture... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Mar 09, 2021 Very relaxed. No gotchas. Sit down and speak with CP and HR... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Mar 04, 2021 Applied in the December window and heard back about 4 weeks after it closed. Eight of us in the group and with a 0800 showtime. The ATI team (HR, CP, Asst CP & Pilot Recruiter) was great giving us the inside scoop on operations, schedules, et al. After the briefing (about an hour) the split the group up for fingerprinting, interviews and simulator rides. It went just as this forum states, no surprises. The interview was really laid back as they really want to know you to see if... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Mar 04, 2021 From the very start of my interaction with ATI, the people were fantastic. The vibe at Air Transport International is upbeat and positive for growth and outlook. It is abundantly apparent that they want a family feel. They want you to interact during breaks and lunch. It's pretty easy as everyone is willing to talk. Make an effort if you want the job because it matters. They provide lunch somewhere in the mix. As far as the actual interview, the other reviews are accurate. Plenty of... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Jan 14, 2021 Previous gouges are spot on. We were divided into groups in the morning for a sim eval on the DC8. Interesting experience, they’re looking for CRM skills, not your ability to handfly a DC8. Lunch was provided. In the afternoon we were interviews by hr and management. Typical questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Everyone was incredibly friendly and... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Jan 07, 2021 We met in a conference room at 8 a.m. (8 people), senior leadership gave an overview of the company, they are very friendly and outgoing. Throughout the day people were taken back for interviews, fingerprinting or sim ride. The interview was laid back 3 on 1 panel, typical why do you want to be here T.M.A.A.T. questions and one scenario. Just relax and be yourself, they want to get to know you. Then Sim, They are looking for good CRM skills. (view the Sim/Scenario section of this study... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Jan 07, 2021 The interview was very friendly and the hiring team is welcoming and does their best to put you at ease. We started in a conference room where we were given a rundown of the company and they were split up to either do the sim with another candidate or interview. I went to the sim first.  (view the sim/scenario section of this website).  After the sim we had lunch and then I went into my interview which was more conversational than interrogative which was relaxing. As long as you're... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Nov 07, 2019