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Read Page 1 ... and some ATPL questions, some questions about HK runway vectors, flight time to Taipei. 47 questions of general aviation and HK knowledge really. Personality assessment: It is what it is. Cant really prepare for it there was maybe 100 questions. That wrapped up the first day. Got an email about the 2nd day about 5pm. Had to book and pay for english language test. Second day started with a benefits breifing, talking about the package and places to live, how to get around, general HK living, training program if successful. Found this actually quite valuable. Medical: Did a full class one HKCAD medical, all the extras, ECG, blood tests, drug tests, chest xray etc etc. Standard initial issue. HR & Technical interview: Normal kind of interview questions were asked, (view the study guide of this website).                    Had a mental maths calculation about rest periods on a flight, first break at a certain time everyone needs to be back by a certain time, equal breaks, what time was each changeover.   Also covered couple questions I got wrong... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Group Interview: Seemed to be the normal NASA exercise reported at other interviews. All candidates had a piece of paper with instructions and first 5 mins was taken up by reading your individual instructions. Total 30 mins for the exercise you had to come up with an ideal candidate (There were 8 to choose from). All candidates had differing instructions but not contradictory. There is no right answer but will ask how you came to that conclusion. Simulator Breifing & Assessment: We were... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. 1. Group discussion About picking up someone to send to airspace. Nothing to hard, just do it as a team. Don’t talk too much. Better to show them you are listening to others. 2. Sim assessment Be prepared to deal with adjusting speed, altitude and heading. If you can practice on any real sim, even it costs, it would be worth. all necessary infos will be informed during briefing. 3. Tech quiz So easy. Level of ppl. No need to worry at all. If you already have some banks, just... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Day 1. Met all applicants at the first floor of company office. We received the visitor permit and went up to waiting area at the second floor of building. A woman went over the all documents for each applicant and we went to a briefing room to get started group discussion. Mostly, discussion was straight forward, NASA project. Nothing special, just remember that do not talk too much and do not act like you are a leader. Next step was different up to every applicant by their schedule... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Similar experience to others that have came before. Two day interview. First day consisted of group exercise, sim, and tech quiz. The group exercise seems to be the same NASA exercise Cathay have been running for years. My advice, don’t talk too much, but talk enough. The sim is straightforward, and all they are looking for is improvement. They do not tell you if you passed or not, but we can all tell if we’re in tolerance or not. The sim was an A330 sim. There were no... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Attended assessment November 2019. As most feedback suggests and as it’s outlined in the email package sent to you, first day is group exercise, sim, technical quiz and personality quiz. If you are invited to second day it is HR/ technical interview, icao English test ($$$), HK class 1 medical. Notes: It should go without saying, but make sure you wear a suit and have a decent bag that can store the documents you have to bring in. Make sure to READ and follow the checklist carefully... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Hello everybody. I hope this feedback helps you in your preparation for the Cathay interview. My interview took place on the 25-26 September. Day 1: We were a total of 5 people. Very diverse group of people. The day started off with a briefing about Cathay and Hong Kong in general. Then we went straight into the group exercise. It was the standard space mission as explained before in countless other feedback reports. Spend the first 5 minutes just reading through your requirements. There... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Cathay Day 1 starts with paperwork. As they state to wait in the second floor of North tower, make sure you're on the 2nd floor not on the first. The recruitment Centre is in 1st floor, but you should walk down the hallway then up the stairs to get where you're needed. After the paperwork is all sorted they call you all in to do a group assessment. This was about finding a candidate for space commander, with two HR personal observing. Then it's time for the Sim briefing. Make sure you... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Day 1 - Group Exercise with the rest of the candidates to solve a task. Observed by 3 of Cathay's recruitment team. Advice is to be normal and communicate openly and with respect to show teamwork capability. No need for a gung-ho approach. - Technical Quiz which comprises about 50 questions. Do brush up alot on aerodynamics and principles of flight, vortex generators, high speed flight, turbofan engines, piston engines, aircraft performance, meteorology (what kind of weather to expect in... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Day 1; consisted of group exercise, sim assessment, technical quiz. Just keep participating group discussion and sharing ideas and you will be fine. For sim interview, know the profile and takeoff and landing procedures by heart and recommend practicing b777 simulator at least once before your interview (quite different from propeller aircraft' control. Technical quiz was about aircraft performance, weather, navigation and a little bit of information related with Hong Kong such as Hong Kong... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Hi Day 1 starts with the welcome briefing. As they state to wait in the second floor of North tower, make sure you're on the 2nd floor. The recruitment Centre is in 1ste floor, but you should walk down the hallway then up the stairs to get where you're needed After the welcome brief you go directly to do a group assessment. There is no right or wrong answer, just work in a group. Don't be a leader, and don't be standing in the corner. Work together and make sure to read everything... Continue reading this interview experience

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