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I interviewed via Skype which was a new experience for me. The HR portion was straight forward and began with a PowerPoint presentation of the company. Then we went into the Q&A about me and my background. They just want to know who you are. You do have to be Superman or Superwoman. Just be yourself and relax. Typical TMAT questions. The technical was also straight forward. I was given a metar and taf for KAVL. I was then given an ETA in local time for KAVL and asked questions. You’ll have to convert to Zulu time and decipher the TAF. The answer... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

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  1. Interview sample 1

    Apr 29, 2024 Great interview experience. One HR and one pilot for technical questions. They both were very friendly which made it feel more like a nice conversation about the company, my job experience and technical questions. Interview is tailored to your previous job/flight experience. I was first asked to talk about myself and then the HR person went on to make a presentation about the company. Good information about past, present and future. Good perspective of growth. We paused at the end for... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Interview sample 2

    Apr 22, 2024 Great interview experience. One HR rep and Pilot, both very friendly and made me feel at ease. HR portion was straight forward-tell me about yourself, tell me about a difficult situation in flight, one where I used CRM. Technical asked about alcohol legal limit, speed below 10k and then went into IAH taxi diagram. He laid out a taxi route and asked what I would look for-there were no hotspots or runway crossings. Then went over the call outs on the runway, I was PM and only did those.... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Interview sample 3

    Apr 15, 2024 Conversation led by one HR representative and a pilot, both of whom were very friendly, making the discussion feel more like a pleasant chat about the company, my past job, and flight experience. Initially, I introduced myself, followed by the HR representative presenting an informative overview of the company's past, present, and future prospects for growth. Technical discussions began next. I tackled technical questions first, including reading back a taxi clearance at KABQ and discussing... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Interview sample 4

    Apr 04, 2024 Only made it through the logbook audit. Commutair wants me to apply when I reach atp mins. The logbook audit was very simple. They were making sure all my times matched my resume. They also asked me a couple HR questions like why Commutair, how did you hear about us? I will be reapplying within the next couple of months when I reach atp mins and hope to get a cjo... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Interview sample 5

    Mar 15, 2024 Really straightforward interview, just make sure you memorize limitations and Vspeeds that they give you. Along with procedures they give you ahead of time, you will 100% roleplay scenarios with a captain or... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Interview sample 6

    Mar 11, 2024 The interview was very straightforward. The HR rep and FO were both very kind and fun to talk to. HR portion was first, (view the study guide of this website). The technical portion was running through a METAR and TAF, going over a Jeppesen arrival into IAD, and an ILS into IAD. He then asked me what I would do if the same bad CA didn't want to divert around extreme precip. Always remember all resources you have to use when set up with a scenario like that! They offered me the job on the... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Interview sample 7

    Mar 08, 2024 Very similar to what everyone else has stated. Started off with a presentation about the company then went straight into HR portion. I was asked questions, (view the study guide of this website).  Then we moved on to the technical portion. Know your flows and limitations! I read a TAF, did a taxi brief, flows for lining up on the runway, read a SID and STAR. When would you start your descent scenario. I was also given a scenario where the captain was demanding flaps when our speed was... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Interview sample 8

    Mar 06, 2024 Just like everyone else wrote on this site. Memorize the callouts you were sent (just the part in bold) + was asked all flaps speeds/settings. Then what would you do questions, and other questions (view the study guide of this website).   Everything else was Jepps, nothing crazy, just knowledge you would use from using Jepps in real... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Interview sample 9

    Mar 01, 2024 My interview with CommutAir started with general HR questions, which were in line with standard industry expectations. This initial part provided an opportunity to share experiences from my time as a Certified Flight Instructor and insights from my flight training, which seemed well-received and sparked engaging conversation. The interview then transitioned to a more technical phase, facilitated by a captain. This portion was detailed and required a good understanding of specific... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Interview sample 10

    Feb 27, 2024 I had a great experience. They asked me TMAAT questions along with “what would you do if your captain was combative”. Technical questions consisted of callouts they have you memorize prior to the interview and going over a simulated flight. Know how to do a taxi, SID/STAR, and approach brief and you will be... Continue reading this interview experience

  11. Michelle P

    (Hired at CommutAir)

    It had very helpful information about what I was looking for.

    Apr 17, 2024  

    Christian S

    (Hired at CommutAir)

    The insight to know what to expect for the interview, for the technical questions in particular, is a great help!