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I interviewed via Skype which was a new experience for me. The HR portion was straight forward and began with a PowerPoint presentation of the company. Then we went into the Q&A about me and my background. They just want to know who you are. You do have to be Superman or Superwoman. Just be yourself and relax. Typical TMAT questions. The technical was also straight forward. I was given a metar and taf for KAVL. I was then given an ETA in local time for KAVL and asked questions. You’ll have to convert to Zulu time and decipher the TAF. The answer... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Feb 15, 2024 Prior to the interview I had to take a small 40 question written exam, 2 tries to take it and most score a 70% or higher to continue with the interview process. The day of my interview I met with the recruiter and a pilot. The interview started with a presentation of the company. Make sure you know the core4. After the presentation was the HR questions, these are pretty simple, (view the study guide of this website).  Make sure you have a solid answer and have in mind on what you could... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Feb 09, 2024 It was just as everyone recommended. About 2 weeks out I was given a “study guide” with the callouts and flap speeds. Know all of these by memory, it’s pretty easy. Beginning of interview was a PowerPoint presentation. Then given basic HR questions. TMAAT, WWYDI, etc. Then the technical portion was very straightforward. A simulated flight from checking weather to taxi charts to takeoff callouts to SIDS to STAR to approach plates and then lastly landing. They are super... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Feb 09, 2024 Follw the guide. We did a roleplay where we were parked at the B terminal at IAH. They asked me who would I contact for push? It was ramp control. Then we did a mock on taxiing to runway 15L using WV. 3. read a simply... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Feb 06, 2024 Interview was very laid back. Victoria and Maddy were great. Study what is listed on this gouge and you will do... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Feb 06, 2024 Met with three people- recruiter, HR, and pilot. Just small talk and TAAT scenario, what would you do if your captain showed up drunk, etc. Then the pilot asked me to decipher a METAR, walk him through a SID and STAR, small deviations in plan, navigating a taxiway to runway. No approach plate but I hear many interviewees get one. All of it was at IAH, their base. Then small talk resumed, and they offered me the job on the spot. Nicest folks ever and I look forward to a good career with... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Jan 24, 2024 It was a great experience. They were so kind and nice to me. Asked me to brief a taxi diagram, SID, STAR and approach plate. HR portion asked about a time I used CRM, and a time I had a difficult flight. 3 Interviewers were amazing! It was 2 recruiters, and a pilot. I got a decision on the same... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Dec 21, 2023 Interview was very laid Back, I was interviewed By three interviewers: Dan, Head of the Training and Andrew, from the HR Department and George, who was a Dulles Based Captain, who Has many Answers on the IAD Domicile also. First Part of the interview were situational Questions, (view the study guide of this website).  I applied for the ready entry Captain position.  After the short HR Portion, I was taking the technical Portion of the interview next, that was with Dan. First, I Had... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 18, 2023 They were nice during the interview. And extremely nice in training. Since day 1 I have not met one employee there that does not want to see you succeed, and I mean that. Instructors will literally come down to the lobby of the hotel on off time and train you, just so you will understand things. The interview was pretty surface level. HR interview with the HR questions, tell me about yourself, why commute. Then the pilot portion is remembering one call out, and giving a safety brief to... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Oct 16, 2023 Very relaxed interview both with recruiter and pilot. Recruiter A.N is so welcoming, he really makes the experience much better by knowing how to conduct the interview. Honestly , the recruiter was the best part of the entire interview process. The every day HR questions…tell me when you had an issue with a coworker# why commute air? Separate interview with pilot and technical questions. Pilot is a one year FO and has asked some common general aviation every day IFR questions but he... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Oct 13, 2023 First interview I had was a phone call interview that went over Yes/ No HR questions and TMAT which were super simple. Second interview was on Teams and all it was a PowerPoint presentation about the company. Third interview was on Teams as well and it start off with a captain explaining his background. I had to brief a taxi diagram then call outs for a takeoff. Next they asked about fuel alternate minimums, what is V1, what is a ARP on a jeppson chart. I had to brief a STAR. That was it.... Continue reading this interview experience

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