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Read Page 1 ... questions. See the study guide on this site. My panel interview was with the Director of HR and CP. Dir of HR seemed nervous, which I thought was odd for someone in that position who interviews people every day. CP seemed frustrated and the whole thing felt rushed. CP spent a good deal of time both at the company presentation with the interview group and during panel interview trying to tell us all the reasons that we should not take the job. He had a list of issues that former FlexJet pilots had raised during exit interviews and went through the list to make sure we did not have a problem with any of those things. That seemed strange to me as well. It set a negative tone. Despite all that, I still thought it went well.....but clearly not... Continue Reading this Interview Experience

  1. Nov 21, 2023 The gouges are very accurate. Arrive early! The hotel suggested the 0630 shuttle to CAE so the entire group departed then. The ride from the hotel was about 15 mins and when we arrived our visitor badges were waiting for us at security so we picked them up then headed upstairs. We were waiting in the lounge by 0650 and when the representatives from Flexjet arrived we were escorted to a briefing room for the presentation. The presenter commented how impressed he was that we all arrived before... Continue reading this interview experience

  2. Nov 15, 2023 Everything as stated in this website. Started by meeting in the morning in a lunch room at SIMCOM (please talk to everyone! They’re watching and want to make sure you are friendly and get along with everyone) then they do a 25-30 min presentation on the company then a drug test. After they take you to a room where they’ll ask you flying experience and scenario questions. TMAAT ect. Then you’ll go into the sim flying a lear jet sim and they want to see you can fly an... Continue reading this interview experience

  3. Nov 14, 2023 All as previously reported by others. Very nice people and a pleasant experience. About 8 young men with me. I was the oldest at 65 years old and the next oldest was 41 years old. An excellent overall company briefing first, for about an hour and then to the breakroom/lunchroom where they came to get us in groups of two's for the urinalysis. Then the Learjet simulator and then singularly for the interview with a Captain and an H.R. person. Typical questions about can you tell us a time... Continue reading this interview experience

  4. Nov 10, 2023 Just as everyone else said, starting with the company presentation, drug test, HR panel and sim. Interview was good they make you feel really comfortable and it’s more like a normal conversation, asking about how you made it to where you are at in aviation, any accidents or incidents, checkride failures, why flexjet, and if there would be any reason to join the airlines. My guess is that what they are mainly looking for is someone easy to get along with, customer service oriented, safe... Continue reading this interview experience

  5. Nov 07, 2023 Same as all all the other gouges. 730 start at CAE at DFW. Hint early is on time, on time is late. A policy they like to say. Then an hour presentation. After is a pee test. Then Panel or sims.  After was Basic life question. Then Why FlexJets and ending with What would a captain say is your greatest strength and weaknesses After was would you clean the aircraft, let a passenger smoke, stay in a crappy hotel if need be. And drive hours in a rental car if you had to. Ending with if... Continue reading this interview experience

  6. Nov 03, 2023 Experience was the same as other posts on here and what Flexjet told me to expect. I think there were 12 others for the interview at CAE in DFW. Started with Flexjet presentation and Q&A, then drug testing, after that people were brought back for SIM or panel. They started with the earliest departure flights home. SIM profile was exactly as expected, they aren’t looking for you to be perfect but show you can keep up with the jet, work with a crew, and have the basics. Just use... Continue reading this interview experience

  7. Oct 26, 2023 Other reviews are pretty spot on. 7:30 shuttle, then 60 minute company overview. 4 employees were in the room for that, and they worked hard to sell the opportunity. Another employee ran the SUV to get us to the pee test. Turned out he was an 18yr captain, and he sat with us in the car and then back in the conference room telling us all about the the company, and basically shooting the breeze with us all. Some other employees came in while we were waiting our turn for the sim or... Continue reading this interview experience

  8. Oct 23, 2023 Attended the Vegas social, and then interviewed the next day. I'd highly recommend going to a social if you can. I learned a lot more about the company, and broke the ice before the interview the next day. Day started with a 1 hour presentation, and the the DOT drug test. The presentation was very in depth, did a good job at selling the company. There were 11 of us, and some did the sim first, while others did the panel first. Most people were in the ERJ-145 sim, although they had a couple... Continue reading this interview experience

  9. Oct 20, 2023 Pretty similar experience to every other gouge. Arrived at CAE at around 07:30a and went to a presentation about the company and the pilot role within the company. Then complete the drug test and wait to be called for sim/panel. They call candidates in a rough order of who has flights home first, so if you have a late arrival or are local, prepare to wait for a bit. The sim was straightforward, (view the Sim/Scenario section in the study guide of this website).  Shortly after went on to... Continue reading this interview experience

  10. Oct 20, 2023 Truly a class act by Flexjet, showcasing everything I want to see in a potential employer. Day started with a presentation of the company and the many things they offer to their employees. Followed by a drug test then a quick sim and panel interview. The interview was laidback, and enjoyable. The sim was straight forward, no funny business and the stand in FO does a great job of setting you up. If you are gearing up for your interview, I’d be excited! It’s a great day. Just relax... Continue reading this interview experience

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    Every response, question and review contributed to my interview preparation.

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    Spot on.

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