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  • Read Page 1 ... questions. See the study guide on this site. My panel interview was with the Director of HR and CP. Dir of HR seemed nervous, which I thought was odd for someone in that position who interviews people every day. CP seemed frustrated and the whole thing felt rushed. CP spent a good deal of time both at the company presentation with the interview group and during panel interview trying to tell us all the reasons that we should not take the job. He had a list of issues that former FlexJet pilots had raised during exit interviews and went through the list to make sure we did not have a problem with any of those things. That seemed strange to me as well. It set a negative tone. Despite all that, I still thought it went well.....but clearly not...

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    Jul 17, 2024
    Got invited to the phone interview about a week after submitting my application. Phone interview was the following week. Normal HR questions as described here. I was approved for the in person interview but they were booked out till next month. I told the recruiter I would take an earlier date if possible and they got me in 2 weeks after the phone interview. They flew me to DFW and I took the shuttle to the hotel. They were already tracking everyone for the flex interview when I...

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    Jul 17, 2024
    I would copy and paste all the previous comments on the actual process. Flexjet overall was an exceptionally efficient operation by every metric. Everyone was friendly, professional and encouraging to the extent they could be. Short of reading body language and facial expressions, you won't get any direct feedback from the interview panel or the simulator assessment. That's probably good but it does get your mind wondering how you're doing. I came to the interview with a gazillion flying...

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    Jul 16, 2024
    I had a similar experience to the other recent feedbacks. They flew me out the day prior to DFW. They had us stay at the hotel, which offered the shuttle from the airport to the hotel, and then hotel to the Center for the interview the next morning. The hotel had dinner and breakfast, but required payment. They suggest a suit and tie, so I would wear one (everyone in our group did). At the Center, they had us wait in the break area while we waited for the presentation. we used the time to...

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    Jul 16, 2024
    Gouge is SPOT ON...very good prep. All portions of hiring experience from compony response to travel arrangements to interview sequence spot on...read the gouge! Company presentation was from their Director of training and extremely informative...take notes and look interested. Half of the interviewees didn't do that and it isn't a good look. Be sure to mingle with fellow interviewees when in the break room between events as Flex people were walking in and out looking at what we were...

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    Jul 10, 2024
    There were 5 candidates interviewing.  Interview was just as advertised here. Company briefing was great. Presentation was by Rick, a senior VP of the company. Sim was after in groups of two. If you don't go to the sim first you will probably go to the panel interview during that time.  (view the study guide including the SimScenario section of this website).  I did the panel interview after the sim, they asked me how I thought I did in the sim. Scale of 1-9. They asked...

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    Jul 09, 2024
    Itinerary was as previously reported. Hour long presentation followed by panel interview and sim. Showed at 9, done by 1230. Interview focused on customer service, CRM, and customer service. Examples: customer wants to smoke; here, hold my dog; why are we not leaving? Paperwork review and off to the sim. Exactly as advertised. Relaxed environment and proud of their...

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    Jul 02, 2024
    I had the HR phone interview and the HR rep said she'd send me a link to schedule an in-person interview,  I booked one, but the next day got an email with several fallout slots available, so I took one about a week out. I was very impressed with the Flexjet's speed in handling the logistics. I finalized the interview date at 8:00 am and had airline/hotel reservations by noon, booked by their agent. Granted, I was traveling within the week, so speed was of the essence. The hotel was...

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    Jun 19, 2024
    I was contacted by HR the day after submitting my application. Shortly thereafter I had a phone interview - less than a week. The phone interview was strait forward; Tell me about yourself, Tell me about your current flying, Why FlexJet etc. After the phone interview I was extended an in-person interview. I was provided the opportunity to select the date of my interview. There were a few days available approximately 14 days later, but I had conflicts on my schedule. The first day that...

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    Jun 05, 2024
    Flexjet had great communication on interview logistics and expectations. About 3 weeks prior, they sent the reservations, itinerary, reporting instructions, and detailed info on what to expect during the interview (to include the sim). They flew me into DFW the day prior and put me up at a hotel. Decent hotel with a good restaurant downstairs. Start time was 9 am, giving me enough time to get a decent workout and the free breakfast in. I got my suit on, packed my belongings, and checked out...

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    May 28, 2024
    Tell us about yourself was the first question. Went over some paperwork and logbook verification. Then ended with TMAAT customer service question. Pretty relaxed and...

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    Great gouge. Helped me get the job!!

    William V May 31, 2024

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