1. Are you aware of the cost of living in Hawaii?
    • Why do you want to work here?
      • How will you manage your sleep when working night cargo?
        • Tell me about yourself.
          • What makes you the person we should hire above others?
            • What is a high and low point of your life?
              • What accomplishment are you most proud of?
                • What have you had the most difficulty with in your aviation career?
                  • What has been one of your most difficult decisions (whether or not flying related) to date? What do you think of that decision now? Would you do anything different?
                    • What would you do if as you left the gym, you ran into the captain you are supposed to fly with this afternoon leaving a bar?
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                      1. Why do you want to fly for AA?
                      2. During walk-around before flight in icing conditions, what are you looking for?
                      3. First Class passenger is annoyed about the delay at the gate due to duty day crew change, FA won't serve drinks, the person then calls FA names, FA comes to you, Captain is not there yet, FA wants passenger kicked off aircraft, what do you do?
                        •   My airline has a complaints resolution officer. Call dispatch to bring that person in to resolve the issue (Does AA have a rep) In the mean time ask the FA to bring the lead up. Ask the lead if you could talk to the passenger and try to deescalate the situation. If the lead says yes I would take a few min and calmly speak to ... Continue reading this answer
                      4. As you are about to push back, Capt has just rushed on board, you smell alcohol (of course you question the Capt), the response the Capt gives: I was at a game and had alcohol spilled on me, that's why we can smell it, what do you do?
                      5. What is you past flying experience and history.
                      6. Are you familiar with icing holdover charts?
                        •   Let dispatch know there may be a slight delay should there be increased hold short times due to de-ice and anti-ice operations. Let the passengers know we will be anti-ic... Continue reading this answer
                      7. On an approach there is a thunderstorm 3-4 miles away and the Capt is flying. The storm gets closer and you are now @ 600ft and wind is beyond limits. On your way to the alternate which is 20 min away, would you talk about it? How would you bring it up? when you do bring it up are you going to formally let anyone know about this?
                        •   Inform the Captain the wind is beyond our limits and recommend we divert to our alternate. At 600', if the Captain is still not terminating the approach, I call "Go Around". During the 20 minute divert, I do not talk about the missed approach, just stay focused on preparing for the arrival at the diversion airp... Continue reading this answer
                      8. Do you have any questions for us?
                      9. If you are 200 miles out @ 310, ATC wants 110 @ 40 DME, when do you start descent?
                      10. What other airlines have you applied to? Which have you interviewed with?
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                      1. Why Ameriflight?
                      2. What do you expect to accomplish here?
                      3. What are the max airspeeds in C airspace?
                      4. What to report in a hold, and min vis for takeoff in a three engine aircraft?
                      5. What are your career goals?
                        • What do you like about your current job?
                          • What is the difference between Decision Altitude and Decision Height?
                          • What are your hobbies?
                            • What is the speed limit in Class B Airspace?
                              •   In Class B above 10,000ft MSL unlimited. Below... Continue reading this answer
                              •   Below 10,000 MSL... Continue reading this answer
                              •   Sec. 91.117 — Aircraft speed. (a) Unless otherwise authorized by the Administrator, no person may operate an aircraft below 10,000 feet MSL at an indicated airspeed of more than 250 knots (288 m.p.h.). (b) Unless otherwise authorized or required by ATC, no person may operate an aircraft at or below 2,500 feet above the surface within 4 nautical miles of the primary airport of a Class C or Class D airspace area at an indicated ai... Continue reading this answer
                              •   250 kts
                            • What 3 things must you report when you enter a hold?
                            There are more questions for Ameriflight!
                            1. Why Amerijet?
                              •   I really like Amerijet because is one of the huge cargo company in EEUU, managing temperature sensitive and Pharmaceuticals product... Continue reading this answer
                              •   Good fit for me, MIA base, flying wide-bodies, want to be part of a growin... Continue reading this answer
                              •   I like Amerijet because it is a company based in Miami which is where I live, I have seen its growth since 1996 when I was flying in Venezuela DC3 and Amerijet wa... Continue reading this answer
                              •   During my career, I have seen Amerijet at many locations, because they were one of my former company’s competitors. I feel I could be... Continue reading this answer
                            2. What was the hardest decision you had to make in the cockpit?
                            3. Why did you leave your prior job?
                            4. What makes a good captain?
                            5. What do you know about us?
                              •   Amerijet is a cargo airline company, with its headquartered in Miami, Florida. The primary hub at the Mi... Continue reading this answer
                            6. Have you had a conflict in the cockpit, if so how did you resolve it?
                              •   Never.
                            7. What is your strength?
                              •   Discipline and humbulness, discipline is 90 % of what makes a professional not only in aviation but in everything really, and I’m not afraid of accepting my mistakes, on the c... Continue reading this answer
                            8. Will you move to MIA?
                            9. Tell me about your background?
                              •   To begin with, I have been in this country for three years where my last flight as airline captain was in May 2019 on an Avior Airlines Airbus 340 on the Barcelona-Venezuela route to Miami and I returned the next day. In the country last year 2021 I worked as a Douglas DC3 pilot and Mechanic for six months, my last flight was on December 22 Opalocka-Nassau and return. Before moving to the USA, I flew for 14 years with Avior Airlines, a company based in Barcelona, ??Venezuela... There I flew the AIrbus 340 as Captain, the Boeing 737 as Captain a... Continue reading this answer
                            10. Do long hours bother you?
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                            1. When do you need to file an alternate 135?
                              • Why do you want to fly 135 on demand?
                                • How do you feel sitting around a hotel for several days at time?
                                  • What is the worst captain you have flown with?
                                    • What is the best captain you have flown with?
                                      • What would your previous employers say about you?
                                        • What is your current job?
                                          • Would you take a trip if you had been up all day and the pager goes off at 10pm, ect?
                                            • Describe yourself using 5 words.
                                              • What is your biggest weakness?
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                                                Above is a list of questions asked during pilot interviews. These questions can be used to help you prepare for an interview. The answers contained within these questions may NOT be correct, so do your own research! We make no guarantees as to the accuracy or completeness of any question or answer.