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  1. How have you changed in last 5 years?
  2. What are your weakness?
  3. What are your strengths?
  4. Who is your inspiration and why?
    • Albert Einstein has been my inspiration since I was very young. As he has quoted "In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity" which is something that has influenced the way I percieve working through mistak... Continue reading this answer
    • Oprah Winfrey has been my inspiration and role model for many reasons as she quoted "the biggest ad... Continue reading this answer
    • My grand father has been my inspiration and role model. He saved his family when he w... Continue reading this answer
  5. Why do you want to work for our airline?

Endeavor Air

  1. Are you willing to move?
    • Do you meet the height requirement?
      • Do you meet the reach requirement?
        • Do you have the proper paperwork?
          • Do you have an up to date passport?
            • What did you like best about your previous job?
              • What did you like least about your previous job?
                • Nothing
              • I was asked to describe a time that a coworker or team mate disagreed with me and how I handled it.
              • I was asked to describe a time that I had a difficult day at work and how I handled it.
                • When the plane was diverted to another airport, pax were worried about their connecting flights. I explained to them to look at their united ops whether their connecting flight is still waiting fo... Continue reading this answer
              • Describe what you know about Endeavor as a company.
                • Founded in 1985 as Express Airlines I. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Airlines with of fleet size of ... Continue reading this answer
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              Envoy Air

              1. How did you handle an emergency situation in customer service and the outcome?
                • That last emergency situation was a water leak at a new home purchased by my buyer. I was called on a Sunday afternoon, the buyer said that she could hear water dripping but could not find where it was coming from. I stayed on the phone with her while she checked all faucets and under the sinks to see if anything was wet or sweating. The she say said she saw a water spot on the wall. I told her where the shut of valve was in he basement, neithe... Continue reading this answer
              2. Why do you like working in customer service?
              3. If there was one thing you would change about yourself what would it be?
                • If I could change one thing about myself it would be to alleviate my irrational fear of snakes. I don't even like to see them in print. I had a list of things I ... Continue reading this answer
              4. Describe yourself in one word.
                • Reliable
              5. If you were on a long flight to Tokyo who would you sit by?
              6. Why do you want to be a flight attendant?
                • What is your current occupation?
                • What do you think are the duties are of a flight attendant?
                • If you could create a job for yourself name three things it would be.
                • Why do you feel that you are the right person for this job?
                  • I can bring over ten years of customer service experience with me and continue an excellent representation of the compan... Continue reading this answer
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                1. Why do you want to be a Flight Attendant?
                  • When I was 19, I was actually going to apply for an airline, but I got a full time job and then married with children. I have always dreamed of it constantly over the years. I ... Continue reading this answer
                  • When I was a small age I use to travel every year to see my grandma and always a flight attendant would watch out for me and my small brother. I use to tell him I would some day be one and watch for him but my mom ... Continue reading this answer
                2. Would you be willing to move to Newark?
                3. Why do you want to leave your current job?
                4. Why do you want to work for ExpressJet?
                5. Have you ever had to deal with an emergency situation?
                6. How did you handle an emergency situation?
                7. Do you have any questions for us?
                8. How many times did you call off work in the past year?
                9. What qualities could you bring to the company?
                10. You are the F/A and a pax gets sick during the flight. How would you handle?
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                Fiji Airways

                1. Tell us something about yourself.
                  • What are the key responsibilities of a flight attendant?
                    • How would you handle a rude passenger?
                    • If you see a family with toddlers and children what would you do?
                    • If a passenger asks you what are the hot places to visit in Fiji, What would you advise?
                    • Why do you want to work for Fiji Airways?
                    • Do you have any questions for us?
                    • Tell us something that is not in your CV or application.
                    • What does Customer Service mean to you?
                    • Why do you want to be a flight attendant?
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