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Interview experience

It one of largest private owned B747 cargo outfit in the world. I met with the Flight Following Manager who did the interview. It a strait forward interview Question. A couple weather questions, how do you deal with cursing and foul languages in office enviorment? The pay is good FF assistant start around 35kto40k.The FF is above them by a few grand. The normal route to FF (dispatcher) is by starting as a FF assistant then when there an opening you get moved over to the desk. People there are nice and seem frendly. Flight systems used are navtech and they are mostly automated through out the office considering it a cargo company. The computers are almost brand new with dual monitors. The company seems to be doing well with the strong overseas freight market. The most of schedules are 4on/3off 10hr but there a few schedules that are 5on/2off 8hr Overall it seem to be a solid company with descent benefits

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Kalitta Air Study Guide Questions:

1. How do you deal with cursing and foul language in an office environment?