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Interview experience

Alot of HR questions. I had a Two-Part Interview, about a 2hr HR interview then called back for a 2.5hr Dispatch interview. Alot of basic HR stuff. Not much in the way of Dispatch knowledge questions they wanted to get to know your general attitude and outlook. Study FAR Part91, METAR's&TAF's. They even ask alot of HR questions at the Dispatch interview. What was your best accomplishment? What was your worst mistake? Did you learn from it.? Tell me about your last boss? What do you do if a co-worker upsets you? What was your most stressful incident? Why should we hire you? What makes you better than the last interviewee?

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NetJets Study Guide Questions:

1. What is your previous work experience?
2. What is your current job?
3. If I gave you $2500 what would you do with it?
4. Use 3 adjectives to describe yourself.
5. Define the word integrity.
6. Has your supervisor ever criticized you and how did you react?
7. Have you ever had a disagreement with another employee?