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Getting started with your Flight Attendant career

Thinking about starting a career in flight attending? Or maybe you are just looking for a new interesting field? Flight attending is a wonderful choice. If you are kind, patient, caring and love to travel this would be a great match for you! But where do you get the facts about being a flight attendant and the inside scoop on some real life flight attendant interviews? Our website is where!

With Aviation Interviews you can access all of the latest flight attendant interviews and discover how the interview process went as well as what questions were asked. You can get a leg up on all of the other candidates and get the job you have been waiting for.

Flight attendants around the world post about their experiences interviewing to help you prepare for your own interview! They have shared the airline companies they interviewed for, questions that they were asked and other very vital information. Find out what to do and what not to do on our flight attendant interviewing gouge.

Oh and did we mention our interview information is free? If you do land get an interview pay it forward and share your experience with everyone else so they can get started with their flight attendant career as well. Good luck!

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Put your best foot forward by using social media

In today’s world everything is online from job postings to your own personal social media accounts. It is rare that you find a job in the paper these days because everything is posted online. When applying for jobs on the web it is important to put your best foot forward. You can do so by creating a stand out online profile by using social media as well as great tips on our website.

Whether this is a new career to you or you are making a change to a different company you need to keep up to date. A lot of jobs are located on Social Media websites today so it is important to stay up current.

You can create a great professional profile with Linked In, Facebook and Twitter. Many company’s look here first to see who they are hiring. Keep your profile career based and simple. Show off your accomplishments on Linked In and ask for referrals from past employees. On Facebook and Twitter make sure you filter what you say, keep it professional! You want to get hired!

Another great tip is to follow relevant companies on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook. For example by following our websites social media pages on Twitter, Linked In and Facebook future employers will see how interested and educated you are in the field of Flight Attending. Keep up to date on the latest interview tips and airline companies.

Good luck with your career! Go to Aviation Interviews for further assistance!! Have a great week 🙂

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Top 10 flight attendant interviews tips

1. Perfect your Resume/ Cover Letter

  • Make these clear and easy to read, highlight your best accomplishments and have zero spelling errors!! Think of this as your ticket to selling your product- you!

2. Be prepared to be questioned and have an answer

  • Many interviewers will be asking you real life scenarios of how you handled situations. These questions could be, “How did you handle a angry customer?”, or “ Give an example of a time when you used teamwork to solve a problem?”. Be prepared and have a few scenarios in mind so when they ask you, you have an answer.

3. And have some questions too

  • At the end of the interview when they ask if you have any more questions, say yes! Prepare a few  before hand so you have at least 1-2 questions. It shows that you are interested in the company and about the position.

4. Know your stuff

  • Knowledge of the company is a must. Do your research on the company. This includes what they do, their company’s mission statement, where they are located and so on. Would you want to hire someone who knows nothing about your company? Neither would they.

5. Get ready for testing

  • During the interviewing process you will be asked to take a few tests. Brush up on you knowledge of flight attending and on your mathematics as well, this way you can get the best possible score on your tests!

6. Examples

  • Try to at all times refer back to your own examples that you have experienced. If they ask you a “what would you do” question, instead of just saying “I would do this…” think of a scenario that fits and say “I did this or in the past I did this…” showing examples of your own looks great and shows you have the experience!

7. Self Commercial

  • How did you get into this field of work? When they ask this act almost as if you are giving them a commercial of your life and how you got there. Key points, short and brief highlight why being a Flight Attendant is so important to you or why you love this career. Just like a TV commercial, keep it short and to the point.

8. Be personable

  • Your job will involve working with people daily. You need to seem hospitable, friendly, nice and polite. When dealing with customers who can get a little irritating you need to stay calm and polite at all times. Stand out in your interview by being personable, and of course smile!

9. Dress Professional

  • Jeans, tennis shoes, and ripped clothing are all ways to not get hired. Dress professional in Business attire. If you want the job dress the part!

10. Say thank you

  • As always thank your interviewers for their time. Let them know you appreciate the opportunity to interview and send a thank you letter promptly.

With these tips we are certain you will land a job and launch your career as a flight attendant.

For more interviewing experiences visit Aviation Interviews!



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