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Flight Attendant Book’s to read

We know how long and boring layovers can get, and sleeping on a layover is easier said than done! If you are looking for something to do on your next layover think about grabbing one of these great reads! Trust us, you won’t be able to put them down! Here are a few of our favorites!


1. Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet by Heather Poole

2. Flying High: Diary of a Flight Attendant by Ruby Jeans Jackson

3. Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer by Marsha Marks

4. Coffee, Tea or Me? The Uninhibited Memoirs of Two Airline Stewardesses by Rachel Jones and Donald Bain


If you are looking to begin a career in Flight Attending and want some good reading material we have some suggestions! We gathered a list of books for those of you who are looking to make a career change to Flight Attending! These books will get you moving in the right direction!!


1. The Essential Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant by Kiki Ward

2. Sky High Careers: Your Guide to Becoming a Flight Attendant by Carlin Comish Laviolet

3. Ready to Fly: An Insider’s Guide to Becoming a  Flight Attendant by Peter Conrad Joseph 

4. The Cabin Crew Interview Made Easy-Everything You Need to Know About Being Successful at a Flight Attendant Interview by CaitlynRogers


Check out  interview experiences that real Flight Attendant’s have shared on our webssite and start preparing for your career as a Flight Attendant!
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Creative Souvenir Ideas

1. Find out what the city is known for and make sure you bring back something realted to that! For example if you went to Florida bringing back some salt-water taffy would be a good idea. If you are going to Mexico bring back a pretty seashell or something else that is not so commercial! Colombia is known for their coffee. I brought back several kinds as a souvenir gift to my parents and friends!

2. If you are flying internationally my favorite thing to bring back when leaving the country is some coins or bills from that country. The currency in other countries always seems more unique and cooler than your own U.S. Dollar or quarter! It basically is free too, because you can just converting the currency! I have a collection of coins from all over from friends and families travels around the world. It is something fun to start collecting as well!

3. Mail home-made post card’s! This is a great creative idea Instead of having a generic post card of the city you’re in,  you can get crafty and incorporate anything you want. When I go on trips I always do this. I will take a photo of myself behind a skyline or beautiful beach and hold up a piece of paper saying “wish you were here” and then mail it to the person I miss. It is so much more personable and way cheaper!! Mail the photo like a post-card and you’ve just created a fun and thoughtful souvenir!

4. Get something that is going to be practical and actually useful. For example when traveling to Colombia I got a very cool bright cross-body bag. The bag was the same color scheme of the Colombian flag and it reminded me of the wonderful time I had in Medellin whenever I used it! This is much more useful and creative than a keychain or shot glass, it also represents the culture of wherever you traveled.

5. Knick knacks, art or statues of some sort are really great souvenir ideas. I have an Egyptian Obelisk made out of wood that I always have in my living room as a great decorative piece. A friend got it for me while traveling there. It is useful and a really great conversation starter to have in the room! Instead of getting a typical souvenir from the gift-shop at the airport,  get a cultural piece like this and cherish it forever!


Get creative and bring back memorable souvenirs when you are flying from city to city!

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Safety First

Flight attendants are often looked at as people who prep food, serve drinks for passengers and gets them a blanket when the plane gets chilly. That is the typical stereotype and a huge misconception! Well that is some of what they do, but the most important thing flight attendants do is keep the plane safe.

If safety was not an issue then there wouldn’t be flight attendants! Aside from all of the food, beverages and blankets they might fetch a flight attendants job is to make sure the passengers are safe while flying!

Announcements on buckling up, where to store you luggage so you don’t get knocked in the head when taking off and when you can and cannot turn on electronics are all safety issues that flight attendants have to take care of . FA’s show you at the beginning of your flight how to handle an emergency when your  oxygen masks come down in case they need to be used! Their job is to promote safe travels while keeping the passengers accomodated.

Thanks to all FA’s out there we really appreciated all you do

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Top 10 vacation destinations in the United States

As a flight attendant you get to travel all over the country and world on a daily basis. But when you are off the clock and are looking for somewhere to travel for fun these are the top places to go to in the United States. If you like a fast paced lifestyle maybe New York City or Miami is the place for you. But if you like relaxing and sunshine on vacation check out Honolulu or New Orleans!

(In no specific order)

1. New York City

2. Los Angeles

3. Chicago

4. Honolulu

5. Miami

6. New Orleans

7. Philadelphia

8. Las Vegas

9. Dallas/ Fort Worth

10. Washington D.C.

Being a flight attendant has its perks and benefits including free or cheap travel! Next time you have a few days off relax and visit one of these lovely cities.


If you are interested in becoming a flight attendant and need to prepare for your upcoming interview(s) check out our website to get the latest info and updates on what is being asked during interviews.


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Flight Attendant Training

Flight attendant school is not something that is necessary to get hired. If you have zero experience to 20 years you still have a fair chance at getting the job. If you are considering being a Flight Attendant, there are many options on what you should do.

You can go to FA school and there are many different options for this. Many are listed online and many you can even even enroll and take online. But, if school is not your thing, or if you don’t have the time and money to do it, it’s not a problem.

When you get hired you will be given formal training by the airline at no charge. You will have this for several weeks. So you do not need to go to Flight Attendant school because everything will be shown to you over a few weeks. Every airline has a certain way that they want you to do things so even if you go to FA school, the airline that hires you will still be training you. However, most airlines “prefer” some form of education from a college or Flight Attendant school. You must have a High School diploma to be a flight attendant.

Above all airlines are looking for someone who is personable, responsible, hospitable and friendly! They can always train you how to “do” something but your personality must shine through!

For more Flight Attendant info visit our webpage!


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Top things to bring when traveling

Whether you are flying during work or flying for pleasure these are a few essentials everyone would need to bring with to the airport.

  • A Rolling Suitcase– This is a must!! Do you really want to carry around a 30lb bag? I doubt it! Find a sturdy and reliable one and have fun with the patterns and color choices! If you are working you will obviously need a professional suitcase that will withstand being thrown around on a daily basis, but this is just an idea for off the clock fun!

Here is a fun affordable option!!

  • A change of clothes– This is a common tip that is always given when traveling mainly because you never know what could happen! Recently I was flying to Dallas and a man got sick on the plane. Needless to say he was glad be brought a change of clothes! 😮
  • Gum- Mint, Bubble Gum whatever the flavor you want just make sure you have it – plenty of it! This will help when taking off and to help relieve your ears when the elevation becomes unbearable! My personal favorite is just a plain old Bubble Gum! Something really chewy to help keep your jaw busy and ears pain free!
  • Hand sanitizer/ wipes – I always have hand sanitizer handy whether im flying, at the mall or taking a city bus. I like the Bath and Body Works little clip-on sanitizers the best. They come in a variety of scents and are small enough to throw in your purse! If you are really a germ freak you may want to bring some sanitizing wipes. I use these to wipe down the area I will be eating at, my hands and even my electronics!

Here is my favorite Hand sanitizer found at Bath and Body Works! I like the price too only $1.50!!!

  • Something to read- Whether you prefer magazines, books, newspapers or hey maybe a comic book, keep something with you at all times to read and keep your mind busy! If you are reading a really good book it will make you look forward to your 5 hour layover instead of dreading what you will do! And if you don’t like the long term commitment you have to have with a book grab the lastest tabloid or broaden your knowledge on whats going on in the world with a newspaper. One travel tip I will share sounds cheesy but it really helped. On my way traveling to Colombia I brought a Spanish-English Dictionary with me. Every hour I tried to learn a few new words and would practice using them! It helped me learn the language better and kept me busy!
  • Music- To me this is a very VERY essential item to bring. Bring along your iPod, pick your favorite playlist and zzzzzz…… Music really lets people relax and feel more at ease with themselves. If you had a hectic day and you are stressed out I guarantee listening to your favorite song with your feet up will instantly make you feel better!
  • Snacks– Make sure you always pack a few healthy snacks. I like bringing along almonds, a trail mix and dried fruit for a healthy option while flying. Another good tip would be to bring a water bottle and maybe a water flavoring packet. This way you can avoid paying around $3.00 to $5.00 just for a bottle of water! And by bringing a flavoring packet you can mix it up if you get bored. It is all about saving money when traveling, you all know how expensive airport’s can be!
  • Pillow or Blanket– Whenever I fly I get really uncomfortable and find it hard to sleep without being in pain. Bring a good pillow for neck support when you decide to snooze on the plane or when waiting around in the airport! Airlines will have blankets but if you feel you want your own bring a small travel throw!

Here is a great pillow that fits in luggage well and is supportive….





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Flight Attendant Job Outlook

As we all know the United States is in a major economic depression. That being said, things are starting to look up even if it may not look like it now! As the economy turns itself around more jobs are likely to pop up. More jobs available means more money, more money means more people traveling, which in turn creates more jobs and openings for flight attendants!

When people are having money woes and losing their jobs, taking a vacation or flying becomes an idea moved to the back burner. BUT the outlook is looking pretty good, the job openings are only going to increase not decrease from this point on! There has already been an increase in traveling and flying! So if you are looking for a new career or just wanting to maintain the one you have  you have nothing but clear skies ahead!

The estimated percentage of increase in job openings is 10% – 15%

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Fun things to do at the top 5 traveled airports in the USA

Stuck at the airport for a few hours with a layover? Here are some fun things to do at the USA’s top 5 most traveled airport’s. These may not be the most thrilling places to travel BUT they are the busiest and you will most likely go to one of them at some point! So spend you time having fun with these ideas!

The top traveled airport in the USA is…..

#1 Hartsfield- Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Depending how much time you have in this city you can choose from a variety of things to do. If you have a day or two you can take a visit to the Georgia Aquarium and see the worlds largest Aquarium. Or maybe you are into the arts. Atlanta has several creative destinations including The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia as well as the Alliance Theatre, Atlanta Opera and Atlanta Ballet. If you only have a few hours in this city your options are much more limited. There are many good restaurant choices at this airport a few favorites including the Sweet Water Draft House and Grill, Brioche Doree and the Peach City Grill. There are many shopping places as well with luxurious stores including Lacoste, Brooks Brothers and Tommy Hilfiger.


#2 O’Hare International Airport

The windy city has a lot to offer to travelers. The popularity of the city has been increasing in the last few years and has been gradually becoming a place for celebrities to move to. From Cloud Gate which is home to the “Bean-shaped” metallic sculpture in Millennium Park to Willis Tower, Chicago has a lot to do and to see. If you don’t have time to really explore the city you can get a taste, literally a taste of the city but munching on some of  the cities best known grub. The Chicago dog and Deep Dish Pizza. O’Hare has a variety of restaurants offering both of these choices and before you leave you MUST try at least one of them.


#3 LAX International Airport

Los Angeles is HUGE. Needless to say you would need to have a few days here to really explore the city and you still would be left with millions of things to do. If you have a few hours you can see some of the city by visiting the Manhattan Beach. This is one of the main attractions here in LA but it is really close to the airport so you would have time to take a quick visit between flights. Within the airport there are many great shops and places to eat as always but a few favorites here to check out are El Cholo Cantina and Sam Adams Taste of LA. For shopping visit See’s Candies and the California Market.


#4 Dallas/ Fort Worth International Airport

This city is full of wonderful places to eat and wonderful southern hospitality. If you have a few days here you need to check out the Fort Worth Stockyards. They have everything from great BBQ to a live Rodeo. You can snag some pretty good BBQ and Tex-Mex at the airport as well. Visit Cousin’s Bar-B-Q for a great Texas meal and Blue Mesa Taco & Tequila Bar. The Frontiers of Flight Museum is a great historical place to visit if you have more time where you can learn about the beginning of flying.


#5 Denver International Airport

Not only is it the Largest International Airport in the USA but it has so many wonderful things to offer and some pretty cool attractions to visit. Denver is known for it’s interest with Buffalo, Elk and other large animals most people don’t think about when deciding to grab a bite to eat. However, if you are feeling spontaneous you should check out this Denver Cuisine and if you do not have much time Climax Jerky at the Airport offers a variety of snacks similar to this Cuisine to try and bring home for friends and family. You most likely will not have time to see the beautiful Rocky Mountains but the view from up above is just as breathtaking.


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Stay healthy while on the go

How many times have you been working or flying as a passenger and everyone around seems to be sneezing and sick! It happens all the time and just because it is summer doesn’t mean cold season has flown away!

When you are working with people all day you need to make sure you are protecting yourself from getting sick and catching what they have! Flight attendants work in a very social and obviously people friendly environment so it is crucial to not only stay healthy for yourself but for your passengers as well.


Keep yourself healthy with these tips…..

1. Wash your hands – Okay so you cannot do this every time you hand someone a soda but try to as much as possible! For times when you can’t make sure you carry along hand sanitizer. It will kill germs and keep you in the clear!

2. Sleep – This is something really hard to get enough of but it does wonders for your body! Try to relax on layovers and if you can sleep! We know how hard that can be and it is easier said than done so if you cannot sleep try to put your feet up and take it easy!

3. Eat super foods – A lot of foods are great for fighting off illness and keeping you healthy! Things like drinking orange juice, spinach, yogurt, green tea, berries, mushrooms,lemons, brocoli, carrots, peppers, blueberries, avocado,  foods rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C will keep you feeling better and healthy! If you prefer the quick way you can take vitamin supplements.

4. Water – Staying hydrated is the best way to keep yourself feeling good and looking good. If you are dehydrated and run down from long flights you will be more prone to getting sick of make sure you drink a lot of H2O everyday! If you need something to keep you awake green tea naturally has caffeine and is great for you!

5. Garlic and Onions – You may be stinky but you will be healthy! Incorporate these into your diet and you will prevent a lot of infections before they even start! If you are not a fan of the taste a lot of stores carry garlic supplements you can take to stay healthy!


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Flight Attendant Schedule

Being a Flight Attendant is a fast paced and rewarding job. But we are sure you are wondering what is it like day to day?

First of all, your schedule and hours will vary based on your seniority. Just like any other job field the Flight Attendants who have been around the longest get the best hours and schedule. There will be days where you are a “reserve flight attendant” this just means you come to work and are basically “on call” and will be utilized throughout the day if needed.

On the job you will do a variety of tasks including serving customers, announcing any info to the passengers for example” take off and landing info”, prepare foods, deal with any concerns customers have, collect money for drinks and foods and attend meetings with the crew. There are many other things involved but these are just the basics.

One of the perks to being a Flight Attendant is getting to enjoy new places and traveling. Not many jobs involve traveling out of the state or even country on a daily basis. You get to see a lot of the world and get paid for it! Oh and did we mention you get free travel??

Schedules can vary but usually consist of about 3 days of work then follow with a period of time off. Typically you will work 12-15 days out of the month but this can vary depending on how long you have worked as a FA. In the days off there are so many things to do which is why this schedule is great and open as well. If your scheduled days are conflicting many Flight Attendants will switch shifts with you. This is very typical and useful as well.

You do need to be in good shape for this career because it is not a sedentary position. You will need to be able to care for the passengers and assist them as well as lift a carryon bag once in awhile.

This is a good website to check out facts about becoming a Flight Attendant.

This is a great video by an American Airlines Flight Attendant about what a day-to-day job is like as a Flight Attendant! 


If you are interested in becoming a Flight Attendant check out our website!

Here you will find interviewing information so you can prepare for your interview once you get one. If you have already had one take the time to share you’re interviewing experiences with other people considering this field! Pay it forward!

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