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I came to this interview with prior 121 experience. I had not flown for a year and a half and was required to get current (3 takeoffs and landings) prior to the interview. I had done lots of research about the many options within the regional world and was excited to have Compass on the very short list. A quick rehash of all the correct and very helpful info from this site. Great company founded on a culture of quick movement upwards and onwards. This was presented again during the first phase of the interview...company presentation...it is no secret, Compass wants good quality people who are not lifer regional pilots. All interactions were very warm and friendly! No good cop bad cop, no testing of your resolve over a long drawn out day. The TMAATW portion was in front of two line captains. Very friendly and approachable guys! The questions included a resume/application review where they asked several questions about your past (I see you went to college. What was your grade point average? I see you worked for X company, why did you leave?) That portion was as expected. The TMAATW included questions of captains... Continue Reading this Interview Experience