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Interview experience

Well it seemed great at first. They flew me space positive from Philadelphia to Phoenix on America West. One of the supervisors picked me up at the airport. I met with 3 individuals the head of dispatch and 2 other supervisors. He asked me a few technical questions but mostly HR questions. The pay is the kicker 10.50/hr to live in phoenix plus union dues. Then they presisted to tell me I have to pay for a hotel during training and no travel benfits for 3 months and they wanted me to start in 2 weeks. This would have been impossible for me living in philadelphia to move all my stuff out there. I thought the manager wasn't very nice he sat at his computer the whole time. the office is beautiful though but the job's not for me. I wouldn't recommend going here the company is doing well but they pay the lowest for pilots and dispatchers in the industry. Even if offered the job I would have turned it down

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