Does appearance matter?


Q. “I’m 5’1 should I just give up my dream? I’m 16 maybe I’ll grow and inch more? If not I’m pretty much screwed eh?”

A. Height requirements like weight requirements were dropped by most U.S. based airlines in the 1990’s. If mentioned at all it will state in the job requirements that, “height must be in proportion to weight”. I did notice in your question that you added “eh” at the end, so guessing you could be Canadian I also checked on Air Canada’s requirements and again nothing about height was mentioned and unlike the U.S. based airlines they will hire qualified applicants age 18 and up. I would recommend you wear a nice conservative heel to your interview and don’t worry about it!

Q. “Is it really a big deal to have clear skin to become a flight attendant?” 

A. This is a yes and no answer. I can only speak for the U.S. I do have some friends at Emirates and other airlines around the world who have told me that they are more strict when it comes to appearance, but just as I stated above in regards to height, the U.S. is a lot less discriminating when it comes to appearances. That’s not to say one doesn’t need a professional appearance. I would do my best to look and feel my best before an interview because how you feel about yourself will come across in the interview. Recruiters are looking for people who feel confident in themselves so appearance comes into play indirectly.

You can improve your skin vastly through diet, by eating whole foods such as fruits & mainly vegetables and by cutting out processed foods and alcohol.

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Happy & safe flying!

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